First Market

Wayne had the fantastic opportunity to vend at the Hickory Farmer’s Market for the very first time today.  Overall the experience was quite a success.  The booth set up went smoothly and customer reactions to the product were positive.  Thanks to everyone who came out to visit.  We’re hoping to have an opportunity to sell there more frequently.


Sewing/Soap room almost done!

We have a second bedroom in our little house that has recently been allocated to Belle Terre.  It has been accumulating stuff for at least six months and was at the point that it was beginning to stress me out every time I opened the door.  After major arm twisting on my part, W agreed to undertake the project with me.  Here’s the before so you’ll know just how miserable the room had become:

This is the bedroom when you first open the door.  It’s a small room to begin with and felt quite claustrophobic when you add the fabric, soap, etc.  You can see our tables for the craft fair peeking out from under the bed.  They literally wouldn’t slide in any further so there was no way to hide them.

Here’s the soap rack and another shelf W stole from the garage in an attempt to make me feel more organized.

Here you can see the contents of the shelf – boxed soap, display items, and a collection of supplies.

So, several hours, a trip to Charlotte to meet a stranger in a parking lot (sounds way more illicit than it was!), an interesting trip to Lowes, and some dragging things back and forth from the garage left us with…

The soap rack in the corner with our fun new director’s chairs to be used at the upcoming market.

Our lovely new storage shelf courtesy of Lowe’s.  You can see our tables and chalkboard standing to the side.  At some point, I may try to tuck them behind the shelf, but we’re going to need them on Wednesday so I didn’t want to go to too much trouble.

See all the boxes?  That’s all fully wrapped soap, ready to sell!

Here’s the source of the Charlotte trip.  Several years ago my mother had given me a table top with fold down sides that I just knew would come in handy at some point.  It had been living in our garage almost since we moved here.  Well, I happened to find a cheap singer sewing table base on Craigslist and sent W to pick it up on his way home one day.  The table top I had fix quite well and now I have a fantastic sewing table.

And finally, the big empty space just waiting to be filled.  I’ve already been inspired (of course).  For a while now I’ve told W that I would like a vintage library card catalog (see this and this).  With all the little drawers, it’s perfect for storage of all our supplies, plus it looks fantastic.  If I can find a longer piece instead of taller, it will also serve as my cutting table.

I’m sure it’ll be ages before I find the perfect piece to fit in there, but I will definitely post when I do.  In the meantime, I’m quite happy.  The room finally feels put together instead of overwhelming.  I’m hoping after our upcoming market (Hickory Farmer’s Market on Wednesday) and festival (Historic Morganton Festival on Sept 10th & 11th), I’ll actually have time to do some sewing.

Warehouse 2120

I adore antique stores.  Not the fancy, schmancy ones, but the ones that have moderately priced stuff scattered about.  I was quite excited to find that not only have Hickory recently acquired one of these lovely shops, this one is all hand picked and very well designed.  Everything inside is reclaimed or re purposed – a shop after my heart.  A big, warm welcome to Warehouse 2120.

When you first enter, there is a lovely display of personal items.  I was disappointed to see that someone got their soap in before Belle Terre, but I still admire the layout.

This chair was too cute.  I didn’t get a shot of the back because there were too many people milling about, but it has a large flower on it.

These lights were quite fun – I think I’d like to have a set when we built our house.

There was a itsy bitsy child’s table and chair set sitting on top of a table.  I bought one of the little chairs to use in our craft fair display to hold the chalkboard with our prices.   They would also make adorable plant stands.

I liked this light display:

Every nook and cranny holds something to be admired.

I love the old maps on the wall – so fun.

I’ve been back once since and was excited to note that their inventory is constantly changing.  They were bringing in new items as we were wandering through.  This will have to be somewhere I visit on a regular basis just to droll over all her lovely finds.  Hickory is officially moving up in the world.  🙂

The Great Shed Raising

On Monday July 26th we began the Great Shed Raising.  Bobby and Silvia were in from Texas and were kind enough to devote a portion of their vacation to our endeavor.  I documented most of the experience and Wayne will follow up on Willow Hermitage with details of our lessons learned.

We purchased a kit from Lowe’s as a hope of making it easier on everyone.  The reviews were positive, but most people said it took them at least two days to complete.  Naturally, we scoffed at the thought.  There would be four of us and at least two (that would be Bobby and Sylvia) are competent at carpentry, etc.  We’d be able to put it together in a day.  We’d show them. As Wayne would say, the best laid plans….

Part I

Here is our before picture:

And one with the addition of the footings.

Unpacking all the mess we brought with us:

Opening the pallet and reading the instructions.  Turns out the reading the instructions part happened a lot.  Like every few minutes or so…

Contemplating the instructions.

Who’s this random man climbing through the woods?  Just Charlie checking out the lay of the land.

Trying to get everything level.

And the painting divas got to work.  It was our job to stay a head of them.  The sun was bright enough (for the morning at least) that we were able to paint and have everything dry before the guys needed the pieces.  We missed one or two (no one’s perfect), but overall managed it well.

Building the floor.  This was shortly after realizing that the framing gun we brought wasn’t working.  The project probably would have been done in 1/2 the time if we’d had the assistance of the gun.  Instead the guys were stuck doing everything the old fashioned way.

Reviewing the instructions:

And we’re level!  Time for a break.

Putting up the first wall.

And nailing some temporary supports in place.

Wall number two!  (It looks so easy when you put it like this…the truth was this was probably half way through the day).

Wall number 3.

I got slightly distracted when we were visited by some neighbors.  The gentleman who lives to our right introduced himself.  He’s a landscaper and very friendly.

Here’s the next neighbor who showed up to say hello.  He just made himself at home no questions asked.  I wish I had got a picture of him beside a person.  It’s the first time I think I’ve seen a Great Pyrenees in person and they certainty live up to their name.  The dog is just plain HUGE.  I’m pretty sure he is the cattle dog from a couple miles up the road.

And this is his buddy who came with him but wasn’t quite so eager to be introduced.  This is the closest I managed to get to him.  He was a bit skittish.  The two of them took off together when a truck pulled up the road a short while later.

This is me helping.  My job was to stand on the framing and make sure it didn’t move while Wayne put it together.  Tough work.

And the truss goes up.  Boy, this was an experience that I’m sure Wayne will talk about in detail.  Basically, things were not fitting as we expected.

By the time the rest of the trusses went up, we were all exhausted.  We had arrived shortly after 8am and left around 6:30p.  All day in the sun is quite draining.  So, we pulled a tarp over the top to protect it from rain and loaded everything we had left in side.

Before leaving, Bobby said he had a gift for us.  I can’t remember the name (I’ll add it after I check with Wayne), but basically it helps cut stray bales when building.  We’re hopeful that it means Bobby & Silvia will be visiting us again to help with the honey shed that we’re hoping to building in May.

So, we adjourned for the day.  Bobby, Silvia, and Wayne headed back up to Beech Mountain where the Parker clan was staying and I headed to the puppies and back to work.

Part II

Bobby, Silvia and Wayne headed back to Morganton on Thursday to finish up what was left.  I had to be at work so I wasn’t available to take any pictures, but Wayne was kind enough to share these with me.

Here’s the finished roof.

And applying the rolled roofing.  I’m glad I wasn’t there for this part.  Anyone up that high makes me very nervous.

Looking good!

This was getting late again in day two and I think everyone was getting just a bit loopy.

Putting in the very last nail.  Whew!

And all done.

So, it did take the full two days as was promised to complete the shed from start to finish.  The good news is that Wayne now has a place to store all his lovely tools and doesn’t have to drive around Charlotte with the scythe stashed in the back of his car.  I was just waiting for him to get pulled and try to explain why he had to have that lovely item with him at all times.

A great, big, huge thanks to Bobby and Silvia for spending a good portion of their vacation assisting us in the Great Shed Raising.  It literally would not have happened had they not been there.

Next up?  Prepping the land for the orchard and berry patch.  Then we’ll being drawing up plans, investigating permitting, and collecting salvaged materials for the honey shed/temporary home.